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Higher Education Engagement

Rethinking Australian Higher Education: Towards a Diversified System for the 21st Century, 2021. Download Paper 

Research Investment Strategy and Plan 2019-2025 for an Australian University, 2019.

“Great expectations: Developing ‘instruments for engagement’ in university, business, government, and community relations”. Paper delivered at Conference on Innovation Systems and the New Role of Universities. Bristol UK, 2011.  Request Paper 

Making Canberra’s Tertiary Education System the Best in The World: A Vision for ACT Tertiary Education in the 21st Century, Professor John H Howard, David Akers, Christopher Peters, Professor John Richards, 2010. Request Paper 

From Transactions to Partnerships in Innovation Systems: A Triple Helix Perspective. (Triple Helix VII) Glasgow, 2009. Request Paper 

The State of Victoria, Australia: Self Evaluation Report: OECD Reviews of Higher Education in City and Regional Development. IMHE, 2009. Download Paper

The Emerging Business of Knowledge Transfer: From Diffusion to Engagement in the Delivery of Economic Outcomes from Publicly Funded Research, Triple Helix V: The Capitalization of Knowledge, Turin, Italy, 2005. Request Paper 


Melbourne: Australia’s Knowledge Capital. A Study of the Economic, Social and Cultural Contributions of Victoria’s Universities with a Melbourne Presence, Melbourne City Council, 2007. Download Paper 

Universities’ Third Mission: Communities Engagement, B-HERT Position Paper No. 11, June 2006. Download Paper 

“Engagement in an Era of Industrialisation”. In Bjarnason, S & Coldstream, P (Eds.) The idea of engagement: universities in society. London, Association of Commonwealth Universities, 2003. (With Professor Ron Johnston) Download Paper 

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