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Public Policy Research and Analysis

Report on the feasibility of options for a NDIA Assistive Technology Hub, arising from a scoping study report prepared for NDIA by UTS Institute for Public Policy and Governance, 2016.


Digital Post: Business transformation and the future sustainability of Australia Post, McKell Institute, 2015. Request Paper 


Regional Economic Development Strategy for Canberra and the Capital Region: Enhancing Canberra’s role as a national and regional hub for economic development, Howard Partners, 2013. Request Paper  


The What, How and Why of social media: A Guide for Local Government, Sydney Coastal Councils Group, Sydney. Request Paper 


Innovation, Ingenuity, and Initiative: The adoption and application of new ideas in Australian Local Government, Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government (ACELG) 2012. Request Paper 


Connecting with Communities: How Local Government in Using Social Media to Engage with Citizens. Canberra: Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government and ANZSOG Institute for Governance. 2012. Request Paper 


Public Policy Drift: Why governments must replace ‘policy on the run’ and ‘policy by fiat’ with a ‘business case’ approach to regain public confidence, Institute of Public Administration Australia. 2012. Request Paper 


Arts Hub Scoping Study, Phase One, ACT Government, 2012 Request Paper 


Preparation of economic development and business policy papers, Canberra Business Council, 2012

Stakeholder consultation and facilitation services “listening to small business round-tables”, ACT Government 2011, 2013


Framework for the Territory’s Green Economy Strategy. Canberra: Chief Minister’s Department, 2009.

Study to support the development of a national food industry strategy – management capacities and Culture. Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, 2001.

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